Design Phase

As the heart and soul of your construction project, the design phase is where we want to make sure we put extra care into designing an optimized facility that’s both low-risk and efficiently buildable. We’ll also take this opportunity to start creating a buzz about the project to attract bids from the highest quality subcontractors and suppliers. We also open the bidding to MBE and DBE companies. This is to help facilitate inclusion with respect to the Disadvantaged Business Participation goals. The project will also be advertised publicly as required by law for public projects.

We all know how important it is for teams to be on the same page. At Target Builders, we demo constructability reviews of the progress drawings to stress test your design functionality and identify any weaknesses or needed adjustments before design finalization. Once we have final design approval, we move on to creating bid packages that cover every construction facet and ensure that the scope of the project is well known by potential bidders. Bids are then evaluated and suggested changes are recommended for subcontractors that may need them.

This process involves our team scrutinizing the design one last time to identify any potential cost-saving measures that won’t sacrifice the design or function of your building. For example, there could be a major price difference by using stone tile flooring versus VCT. Value engineering also helps us measure the cost-to-worth ratio — we want you to have the best possible value for your money.

Value engineering also carries over to the build phase as well. Sometimes, contractors can spot additional cost-saving measures from their years of experience that may arise after the design phase is completed.

Finally, as we close out the design phase, we produce an accurate and accountable proposal that includes an itemized breakdown of the project’s total cost. Once finalized, we hold a Pre-Award and Expectations meeting with every potential subcontractor prior to finalizing the contract.

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